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Big Thank You to Channels 7 9 and 10

Big Thank You to Channels 7 9 and 10
Apart from thanking the 3 networks above I’d also like to thank the overwhelming majority of Australian’s out there who haven’t lost their sense of humor and agree we’ve become so obsessed with what’s PC that I don’t think anyone could write a guide to what is PC anymore!

One mate said ‘now you can use that As Seen On TV logo! I think that comment perfectly sums up the seriousness of all the hoopla.

The stats:

  • Today Facebook – 115k views and counting
  • The Project – viewership of over 600k on Monday night
  • WWOS copped an almost 100% backlash over their attempt to ‘pooh pooh’ the carnivale
  • 7 Sport tried to jump into the mix but didn’t succeed too well with capturing attention (bugger)

I must say the ‘Gong’ for crap journalism goes to the Gold Coast Bulletin. It seems it missed the irony in writing a negative front page story about its own town! And the headline was a cracker! ‘Sexist cricket comp is reason we have an image problem!’.

I lost count of how many complaint calls I received from the local bikies, drug pushers and murderers. ‘How dare you have a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun at our cities expense.’

Once again, the overwhelming response to an online survey was in favour of the carnivale. Well done GC Bulletin!
Whoever originally coined the phrase ‘don’t believe what the media reports’ would be a billionaire from royalties by now.

Women in bikinis and the Meter Maids have been, and will be, images people associate with the Gold Coast. We brag about our beaches, which attract people in swimwear. So, what’s the problem?


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